Easy Ways to Convert Text to Human Voice

As technology advances, we can now easily convert text into sound. There are several sites that provide services to convert text into sound. The voice choices also vary from the voices of famous characters, robot voices, to the voices of cartoon characters. But did you know that we can now convert text into a human voice?


Although there are many sites that provide services for converting text into sound, there is no site that can convert text into human voice. Now, to be able to convert text into human voice, we simply take advantage of the Voicemarker site. How to use it is quite easy and it only takes a few minutes the text that you make has turned into a human voice.


1. Prepare in advance the text that you want to convert into human voice. You can type the text in the Word application or note application on your computer or Android device. Make sure you have added punctuation marks (comma (,) and period (.)) to the text , according to the correct Indonesian spelling.

2. Now open one of the browser applications available on your PC or Android device. Then open a site called voicemaker.in

3. Before you use this site, you need to register first. Press the three-line icon in the upper right corner and then select the Register menu . You can register using a Google account, Facebook account, Twitter account or by filling in your personal data in the column provided.

4. After you have successfully registered, you can immediately use the Voicemaker site. Paste the text that you prepared earlier in the text field provided .

5. To change the text into human voice in the AI ​​Engine column, select Neural TTS mode . Then, select the language you use in the text. Because here the author uses Indonesian, so the author chooses Indonesian.

6. There are 6 sound options that you can use. However, the voice choices of Putri (female voice) and Ardi (male voice) are the most recommended to be used. Press the Convert to Speech button to hear a sample voice of the text converted into a human voice.

7. Before downloading the sound, you can also change the type of file you want to use. You can also change the settings of the sound such as increase/decrease the volume , speed up/slow down the speech .

8. Press the Convert to Speech button to listen to the sample voice. When it is appropriate, press the Download button to save the human voice file to your device gallery. Done.


By taking advantage of the Voicemaker website, you can easily convert text into a human voice. You can use the human voice file to complete your video.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.