Easy Ways to Make Mind Maps on Android

Want to make a Mind Map ? But don’t want to bother? Well, try the following method, it’s guaranteed to be easy and not complicated! Only Android capital in the palm of your hand!


For those of you who are not familiar with Mind  Mapping , Inwepo will give a little explanation of what Mind Mapping is . So Mind Mapping is a method or learning that is specifically designed by mapping information in graphic form. Usually, in terms of making this mind mapping, someone can map the main ideas or concepts or it can also be called a topic using branching lines, images or related keywords .


After knowing a little what Mind Mapping is , maybe some of your friends will ask what is its main function? Mind mapping is usually widely used for learning methods on campus and schools. Actually, not only that, mind mapping is also widely used for work purposes, for example, such as interviews , meetings , project management, presentations and so on.

To make a good mind map , you can use software or data processing applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint . However, if you don’t want to bother, you can try the method below. Of course, with the help of third – party applications, the results are no less interesting than computer data processing software .


1. First you have to download the Nice Mind application first. Please download it on the Play Store for free.

Download Nice Mind Map – Mind mapping

2. Open the nice mind application and select the Template menu . You can choose from various templates available in the Nice Mind application .

3. If you have selected a template , tap the Use Template menu at the top right. Tap on the topic text then tap edit again to replace it directly with the topic that you will create.

4. You can also use the line menu above to create or add a topic, to edit it use the pencil icon . Use the t- shirt icon to change the shape of the map or branches.

5. If you are ready, tap 3 dots then select export . Next you select the format you want to save, it can be PNG, Pdf, and wmind.


How? The results are interesting, right? Those are tips and how to make Mind Mapping using Nice Mind. Hopefully it will add insight, friends, and don’t forget to check other interesting articles on Inwepo.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.