Easy Ways to Remove Red Lines in Ms Word

One feature that is considered quite disturbing when typing using Ms.Word is the red line feature under the text. This feature actually functions to correct typos in Ms.Word. However, because this feature aims to correct English text, many red lines will automatically appear when we type in Indonesian text. This feature is included in the Proofing menu category in Ms.Word.


To remove red lines when typing in Ms.Word, it’s actually very easy and fast. And actually there is no difference at all in removing the red line in the Ms.Word 2007 and Ms.Word 2010 applications. By removing the red line, the display of the text or writing will be cleaner and more comfortable when corrected by the text or writing that you make.

However, if you need to use this red line feature to correct English bar text in text or writing, you can activate this feature at any time according to your needs. By activating this feature, you can find out the mistakes in writing English words in the text or writing that you make.


1. This is more or less what the text looks like in Ms.Word which has a red line under the text.

2. To be able to remove the red line under the text, click on the Office Button icon in the upper left corner of the Ms.Word worksheet and, then click the Word Options button.

3. After that, you will be directed to the settings box. Here there are various settings to set the appearance of the worksheet in the Ms.Word application. Find and select the Proofing menu.

4. In this Proofing menu , delete the check list on the Check spelling as you type feature and the Check grammar with spelling feature . When done, click the Ok button to save the settings.

5. Done, more or less the following text display in Ms.Word which no longer has a red line.

6. Because the red line in Ms.Word works to correct writing or typing errors, you can activate this feature at any time. It is enough to follow a few easy steps as above and then provide a checklist again for the Check spelling as you type feature and the Check grammar with spelling feature.


Just by following a few easy steps as above, we can now remove the red line under the text or Ms.Word text. Because its function is to check for typos, you can reactivate the red line feature in Ms.Word.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.