How to Create Content with a Crying Face Filter With Snapchat

Recently, social media Instagram  and TikTok  are going viral with one of the crying filters  that actually makes anyone who sees it laugh. Yes,  the crying filter , which makes the face look like crying is on the rise. Many content creators as well as celebrities use this feature in their content. Apart from being entertaining, content like this also helps content creators build  engagement  on their social accounts. So where did this feature come from?


The crying filters  found on popular social media apps like  Instagram  and TikTok  actually come from  Snapchat. Yes,  Snapchat, the  Crying filter in this application is very good and cannot be compared to the filters  on  Instagram  and TikTok  for now. The author will explain in detail, on how to use this filter  through  Snapchat.


Snapchat  itself is a social media-based application developed by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy while still studying at Stanford University. Just info , guys.

The application is able to make it easier for users to take photos, record  videos,  text and images with various features and  filters. The results of the shots can also be directly received by the recipient list that has been created by the previous user. Talking about features,  Snapchat  has various cool features as a social media application, such as  Friends, Live Chat, Snap, Profile, My Story, Stories  and  Discover.

As for the name, this application is still far behind  Instagram  and TikTok. It’s just that for filters,  this application should not be underestimated.


1. The first step you have to do, of course, is to  download  and install  the Snapchat application .

2. After the application is installed,  you will be presented with the option to enter or register. Since I have never used Snapchat before,  I will first register a new account for this application.

3. Follow the steps, like when you create an account with other social media applications.

4. Here the author will write the author’s name, and after select Register and Accept.

5. Enter your birthday or birthday as a Snapchat user. 

6. Enter the username you want, and the password as well. Continue the process until the time of verifying the phone number

7. Provide your phone number so Snapchat can send you a verification code immediately. Once your phone number is provided, Snapchat will immediately send you the verification code in question. Verify with the code.

9. Next you will be greeted by Snapchat  with a message like Welcome to introduce the app. Just choose Skip.

10. Perform the same steps in the Add Friends section and also Create Bitmoji. Just skip it.

11. Give Snapchat app permission to access images and record  videos, gallery, and also audio access . You will also find this permission when you first install Instagram.

12. This is the main view of the  Snapchat app. Select  the Scan icon  or menu and select understand. After that, look for the weeping filter  that we have wanted through the Try Lens feature.

13. In order to speed up the process, you can use the  search  feature on the main screen of the application and search for Cyring .

14. For Android users,  the Crying filter feature  is only available in Photo mode. For iPhone users, you can breathe easy because this feature can be used simultaneously with video mode. Take a photo of yourself to get the effect

15. This is the photo taken with  the author’s crying face filter  . Funny isn’t it?


The crying face filter that is currently viral on social media, you can get easily only from the  Snapchat application. A well- known app with better filters  , such as Disney’s subtle face filters  and others. You can use this  filter  in video  mode , if  the smartphone  you have is an iPhone. For Android users,  you can use this filter in the form of photos only. Hopefully this article is useful.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.