How to Hide and Show Labels in Gmail

A Gmail account is one of the must-have accounts for PC and Android device users. How come? In addition to sending emails, Gmail accounts can also be used to login to other Google products and other applications/sites that provide login features using a Gmail account.


Speaks Gmail as an email app; there are many features that make it easy for users to send messages using Gmail. One of them has a label feature. The label feature in the Gmail application functions to group messages based on the needs of each Gmail user. To be able to create a new message label in the Gmail application is also very easy, because there are many articles and YouTube videos that discuss how to create a new message label in Gmail. Then, how to hide message labels in the Gmail application?.


How many message labels do you have in your Gmail account? Of the many message labels in your Gmail account, surely only a few labels that you open often and maybe there are some labels that are rarely / never opened. To shorten the list of labels in your Gmail account, you can hide the labels so they don’t appear in the list of labels in your Gmail account.


1. Open the browser application on PC or Android, and then open your Gmail account. For Android users, change the appearance of the mobile version of Gmail to the website version first.

2. There are two ways to open the Manage Labels menu in Gmail. The first way, find the More menu in the Label List folder and then click the Manage Labels menu .

The second way, click the Gear / Settings icon and then click the View all settings menu .

3. On the Settings page, select the Labels folder to set which labels you want to hide and which labels you want to appear in your Gmail account.

4. For example, here the author will hide the starred message label. Simply hide the link for that label from the list of labels. After the label is hidden, a notification will appear that the label has been successfully hidden. Do the same steps as above to hide the other labels.

5. To show the hidden label again, click the Show link on the label. Then, a notification will appear that the label has been successfully displayed back into the Gmail label list.


How? It’s not that easy to hide labels on the Gmail site. You can also show hidden labels back to the labels list at any time. By hiding some labels, your label list view will look more concise and will only show labels that you can normally use.

Disclaimer:- For Educational Purposes Only.