How to Make a Mobile Camera Like a DSLR 

How to Make a Mobile Camera Like a DSLR – Photographers think that the best camera is the one you have with you. In most cases, this could be the smartphone you own. While smartphone cameras don’t always make for an amazingly good photographic experience, advances in technology have put them at nearly the same level as many specialty cameras. Having a quality camera is only half the battle. You need to learn how to make the most of it and nothing beats taking portraits using manual mode. This time we will discuss how to make an HP camera like a DSLR by using manual mode.

Using manual mode, you can manipulate the settings to produce the image you want. We know manual mode can be difficult for casual users especially those who have no knowledge of basic camera theory. While it’s true Photography is a broad subject, we can teach you the basics and get you shooting manually with your smartphone in no time.

Most of the latest smartphones come with some form of manual mode within the built-in camera app. They might like it and call it pro mode or something like that. Just go into the camera app and take a look at your shooting mode to see if your phone has manual shooting capability.

Best DSLR camera app for Android 2021

  1. Manual Camera DSLR Camera Professional ($4.99)
  2. Manual Camera Lite: DSLR Camera Professional (FREE)
  3. ProShot ($3.99)
  4. OpenCamera (FREE)
  5. Camera FV-5 ($3.95)
  6. Camera FV-5 Lite (FREE)

How to use your phone camera like a pro

If you already know how to make your HP camera like a DSLR by activating manual mode, let’s start by understanding what it takes to properly expose an image to get great results. In Photography, the Exposure Triangle is a visualization of how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed work together. You must find a balance between these three elements to properly expose the image while keeping in mind how changing each element can affect image quality. We like to keep things very simple, so we’ll give you a definition of each factor and tell you how those changes affect the image.

How to make Android camera like iPhone

ISO stands for “International Organization of Standardization,” which is responsible for standardizing sensitivity ratings for camera sensors. When shooting, changing the ISO will determine how sensitive the sensor is to light.

A lower ISO will make the sensor less sensitive to light, which means you may have to make the aperture wider and/or slow down the shutter speed. At the same time, the image will be cleaner.

Increasing the ISO will allow you to capture light more quickly, allowing you to speed up the shutter speed or widen the aperture, but will also create an image with more grain or digital noise. Image quality decreases as you increase the ISO.

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